How to Deal With Your Raccoon Problem Humanely


Raccoons can be a real hazard around your home. From small nuisances like knocking over your trash cans to more dangerous activities like biting your children, there’s plenty of reasons to not want raccoons roaming around your house like a band of pirates who haven’t eaten in a weak. In this article we’ll discuss how to deal with your raccoon problem humanely so you can still sleep well at night knowing you did the right thing.

Dealing with raccoons can be a problem, especially since they’re so resilient and sneaky. The first step in dealing with raccoons is to find out why they’re coming to your house and not scavenging some where else. Are they living under your porch, nesting in your attic, feeding in your trash cans or eating the fish in your pond? Once you can narrow down this question it’s easier to start dealing with keeping them away.

Is trapping a humane way to rid raccoons?

First of all keep in mind that trapping is against local bylaws/ Before using a trap in your yard to catch and release raccoons, remember raccoons are known to carry rabies and handling them you run the risk of being bitten or scratch by an animal that can possibly transmit a disease. Before trapping a raccoon by yourself, consider hiring a professional pest control company to handle the situation for you. A lot of people think trapping raccoons and removing them from your local area is a humane way to deal with the problem. But I’d like to ask you, is it really?

Imagine if a neighbor didn’t like having you around their house so they put you in their van, drove 20 miles away and dropped you off into a new area. You’d be able to meet new people, get a nice apartment, a new job, and a car all for yourself. Would you feel okay with that? Relocation is illegal. The only real way to deal with a raccoon problem is the secure your property from invasion.

Some people feel it’s okay and humane, others don’t. The choice is really up to you. Keep in mind when dealing with raccoons that they’re coming to your home for a reason and the best way to solve the problem is to find out why and fix it.