How To Safely Trap Raccoons

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Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your home or garden if you don’t trap them and stop them from coming back to wreck more havoc. This is not to mention the mess they will leave behind especially if you have your garbage bins outside of your home. It’s advisable that you trap the raccoons using safe techniques. Always keep in mind that in some states, it’s illegal to kill raccoons that invade homes and gardens. Trapping raccoons is not that difficult provided that you use the right kinds of traps. Go for traps that are made from tough steel meshes because even mature raccoons can’t chew their way out of them.There are many ways on how to safely trap raccoons. Your best option is to make use of a live cage trap with a bait inside. These cages come in all sizes and shapes. The cage you choose depends on the number of raccoons that regularly invade your home or garden. If you are dealing with several raccoons, you might need more than one cage traps. Additionally, a trap either has a single door or double doors. A two-door trap would be a better choice if you are facing more than one raccoons.

Tips In Setting Up The Raccoon Trap
1. You should set up the trap in a flat and stable surface. If necessary, you might want to pin the trap to the ground using spikes. Trapped raccoons can get agitated and move around the cage too much. This might trip the cage over and allow the trapped raccoon to escape.
2. Use non-meat baits. This is especially true if there are cats and dogs in your home and garden. The baits might attract cats and dogs instead of raccoons. It’s advisable that you use baits like bread, marshmallows, and fresh fruits. Raccoons love to eat these items. It’s best that you place the baits at the back of the trap.
3. Drop a trail of bait that leads to the trap. This will significantly increase your chances of catching the raccoon. Raccoons have a great sense of smell so they should be able to catch the scent of your baits easily.

In conclusion, trapping a raccoon safely is all about using the right traps and using the appropriate baits. Once you catch the raccoon, make sure to handle it with care. Always wear thick gloves in handling the cage and the trapped animal. Raccoons have sharp teeth and claws that can easily dig deep into your skin if you are not careful. To get rid of raccoon problem contact raccoon removal Burlington today.