raccoon control solutions in BurlingtonRaccoon removal Burlington. Reliable raccoon removal solutions are provided by our technicians. We humanely remove raccoons and seal all entry points. We assess the damage and provide solutions for remediation. Call us today to book a no-obligation inspection. Call: 647-560-0206

Following an inspection to determine the nature of the issue our technicians will proceed with taking the necessary steps to remove and exclude the animals. Once we find the entry points we will install one way doors in the holes to ensure that the raccoons exit but cannot re-enter. If there are raccoon babies inside we will remove them manually and re-unite them with their mother. When the animals are removed, we take away the doors and seal the entry points. We don’t open new holes work with the ones raccoons are using to enter already. Raccoons are removed by us from attics, sheds, garages. We’ll send a tech to scrutinize the problem and supply recommendations for a remedy.

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) generally inhabits wooded areas next to some water resources in addition to urban areas in and around Burlington. Raccoons are resilient and can flourish in almost any place and environment. The basic necessities for their survival is food, water and shelter. They are primarily nocturnal and begin to be active in the early hours of the evening until sunrise.

They can travel significant distances from their dens to find food. During the day, raccoons stay inside. In hollow trees, rock crevices, holes in the wild and when in urban areas they hide in attics, sheds, garages or wherever else they can find a quiet dark place to stay. Because males could be competitive, the female raises her young alone and tolerates the male merely during mating. A litter normally comprises two to five young. Between the months of March and June, there may eventually be a mom and her youthful occupying the loft, so enable her time to bring them all to an alternate den.
If you hear noises from the attic at night, chances are you are dealing with raccoons. There are things you can try to keep them away. They do not like noises or bright lights. Placing lights in your attic or playing loud music can help keep them away. However, they are smart and persistent. If they have made their way in they will stay causing more frustration and damage.

Call us for an inspection. After determining that we currently have no raccoons left inside, fasten the openings with steel wire mesh. In addition, we analyze the exterior of the construction and offer recommendations for long term solutions. Call:  647-560-0206