squirrel-removal-burlingtonSquirrel Removal Burlington. Don’t let squirrels drive you nuts. If you are hearing noises from the attic in the morning and early evening chances are you are dealing with squirrels. Let us remove the animals humanely and seal all entry points so you dont have to deal with squirrels again. Call: 647-560-0206

Having squirrels living in your attic can be frustrating and troublesome. Squirrels are very active animals and can cause a lot of noise. They can also cause a lot of damage. They tear up insulation, chew on wires, damage siding and eavestroughs.

Our solutions are affordable and guaranteed. Experienced wildlife removal specialists that can deal with all squirrels problems humanely and efficiently. We treat every scenario differently, but follow guidelines on every project.

You definitely need to act quickly if you think you have squirrels residing in your attic. Squirrels may damage to siding, insulation and electrical wiring, that may lead to large repair bills. A small hole in the roof can lead to extensive water damage. Chewed wires can be a fire hazard and squirrel excrement, or dead animals can be an air pollutant.

Many different methods are utilized by our technicians to trap squirrels. We use humanist live capture methods to get rid of the creatures.¬†Our technicians focus on trapping and removing squirrels humanely. We don’t hurt the animals and go the extra mile to make sure the job is performed entirely. Every circumstance is different from another, the wildlife management technician offer suggestions and will proceed only after you approve the job.

After we capture any mature animals and remove any squirrel babies humanely then our specialists carry on sealing and finding all open holes and potential entrance points leading to the building. When required we use steel mesh screens. Call: 647-560-0206